Acadia is at the forefront of system integration for critical applications within the government high-performance computing (HPC) and security sectors. Our expertise in system design, development, and project management enables us to deliver integrated solutions for our clients using the best mix of packaged applications, legacy and state-of-the-art COTS hardware, and custom software and hardware. In addition, we consult and/or partner with similarly-aligned technology companies for product development and contract fulfillment.

Acadia Cyber Solutions is at the forefront of high-performance communications systems development. With our innovative program design, Acadia is developing an FPGA-based network card for performance at 100 Gb/s and a matching universal optical front-end. Sophisticated performance tests of PCI Express and modular FPGA code development for a COTS prototype system under Linux and Windows have also been performed.

In the field of cryptography, Acadia Cyber Solutions has been a leader in the development of high-speed cryptographic systems. In collaboration with the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Acadia developed a quantum key distribution system and became the major contractor in the NIST Quantum Information Testbed. Under previous contracts, the company produced the fundamental system architecture, designed virtually all of the high speed optoelectronic subsystems, directed fabrication and integration efforts, and provided day-to-day technical services and support.

High Performance Information Systems

100 Gb/S Network Interface Controller

In recent years, network bandwidth requirements have scaled multiple folds, pushing the need for the development of data exchange mechanisms at 100 Gb/s and beyond. Internet exchanges, high-performance computing, and personalized content such as YouTube, IPTV, and HDTV are a few of the numerous applications that will leverage such high bandwidth capabilities. We have developed a 100 Gb/s NIC Platform that can be customized based on project needs.



Record-breaking Quantum Cryptography

Acadia Cyber Solutions was a pioneer in the field of high speed quantum cryptography. By leveraging our extensive research in high speed networking, we were able to produce a world-record-holding real-time cryptographic system. It provided unprescedented security for defense-related applications by using verifyably-secure Vernam cyphers based upon the principles of quantum mechanics.

  • Two Orders Of Magnitude Faster Than Previous Results
  • Clock Sychronization At 1.25 Gbps
  • Improved Error Correction Algorithms
  • Real-Time Secure-Channel Videoconferencing
  • Scalable To Cluster- And Blade-Computing

Preliminary results are discussed in the Optics Express article found here (opens in new window).

This work was sponsored by DARPA's Quantum Information Science and Technology (QuIST) Program and produced in partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

We also designed a next-generation system which promises another order of magnitude improvement over the current results. This system, based upon an AdvancedTCA chassis, is interoperable with deployed fiber and conforms to existing telecommunication standards.


Secure NIC Card

Developed on the next-generation extensible network interface controller (eNIC) platform, Our Secure Network Interface Controller (sNIC) provides a robust hardware solution to secure critical network infrastructure at the workstation along with intrusion detection. It provides methods to securely authenticate and authorize hardware, users, and applications onto the intranet using industry-standard protocols such as 802.1X and SSL/TLS.

Secure NIC