• Information Systems

    Information Systems

    Acadia Cyber Solutions LLC is a systems and services provider capable of delivering complete solutions for high-performance applications. Our portfolio of solutions includes: Enterprise Computing, Information Assurance, Program Management, and System Integration. Acadia has a strong working relationship with next-generation Internet test-beds such as those developed by the Department of Energy. Its facilities include resources for the design and integration of high-speed systems, including FPGA design tools, logic analyzers, protocol analyzers, and other high-speed test equipment.

  • Cybersecurity


    Acadia Cyber Solutions LLC focuses on creating the most secure information systems with emphasis on security analysis, measurements, and certifications. Our current system offerings includes security gateways incorporating high throughput encryption, AAA, and intrusion detection. Our development activities include custom off the shelf systems as well as custom hardware, firmware, software integrating for maximum performance.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    At Acadia Cyber Solutions LLC our expertise in project management services, configuration services, technical services, and acquisition support enables us to deliver specialized technology for our clients. We accomplish this by using the best mix of packaged applications, legacy and state-of-the-art COTS hardware, and services associated with enhancing or advancing the enterprise architecture analysis. In addition, we consult and/or partner with similarly-aligned technology companies for product development and contract fulfillment.

Latest Products

100g card

We are currently developing a 100 Gb/s eNIC Card with offload and SSL capabilities. The development of this card will enable host systems to achieve 100G per port throughput for end-to-end data movement.


Business Team

With over 17 years of experience we offer a variety of services and solutions for high-speed networking and high performance computing (HPC).